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WRAPPING UP 2014 !!!

Looking back at 2014, it was a great year in many ways. Jabfilm did 3 nordic co productions that all have premiered and just about started distribution in 2014. This was:

I STOP TIME/JAG STANNAR TIDEN directed by Gunilla Bresky in co. production with BOB film Sweden The film got several prizes, like the   FICC/ Don Quijote prize at TIFF 2014. It will be screened at NRK and in cinemas in Norway 2015, in adittion to international screenings.

MONSTERMAN directed by Antti Haase in co.production with Illume films in Finland, it premiered in Finland in the fall 2014, Norwegian distribution are not clear yet.

SUMÉ the sound of a revolution, The sucessfull and prize winning doc  about the rock band SUMÉ that became so important to the Greenland people in the 70′s The film takes the story and questions nicely into today, well done by director Inuk Silis Høegh og creative producer Emile Hertling Péronard. SUMÉ will be screened at NRK and hopefully more screens in norway 2015

In adittion we started some new very promising co productions, and finaly but not least, we did put a hard focus on our own creative documentarien in production: ARTIC MUSLIM directed by Karl Emil Rikardsen, and CHESS BRAINS directed by Trond Brede Andersen. We still develop and hope to produce in 2015 the story about the jewish people that used to live in Tromsø WHEN THE TOWN WENT QUIET / DA BYEN BLE STILLE

Did I forget anything? Yes Jabfilm also did a few service productions, helping companys from other places to shoot in the northern regions and Tromsø. We also did a few info films for our dear clients.

Oh my god, we are not to good at uppdating our webpage…

So in short since last. Jabfilm moved offices and are very happy at Kysten together with Originalfilm and other great folks. At the moment we are producing  “Arctic Muslim” and far into development of two other briliant 1 hour creative doc’s. We did win the Tromsø Palm at TIFF 2013 with “UK co.production “There will be some who will not fear even that void”. At the moment we are also proud to be co producing 4 different nordic great documentaries at the moment. Also participating in Eurodoc producers development this year, at the moment on my way to France for the third session this year and to be pitching our projects for more than 20 international comissioning editors.

Talk soon, and in the meantime follow Jabfilm at facebook, it uppdated a litle bit more often :-) take care


The tv-series “Sjøsprøyt”, that Jabfilm is co-producing with Medvind Media for NRK, has been nominated to the norwegian tv-awards show “Gullruten”.

“Letter from a year in Norway”

Medvind Media AS with co. Producer John Arvid Berger from Jabfilm, just did a very successful promo of their TV series “letter from a year in Norway” in Murmansk. The TV series is a Russian 12×15 min version of the Norwegian TV success “Sjøsprøyt” that was aired at NRK1 late 2010. This kind of media cooperation with Russia is quite unique and seems like a break through that gives possibilities for even more to come. This promo event was made as a meeting of the Nisse from Norway, father frost from Russia and even a Sami Santa was there. This Santa story was then made as a mini TV series to promote the cooperation and the premiere of “letter from a year in Norway”. The Event was a big press conference with entertaining artists from both countries, and a big public event in the center of Murmansk the next day. Wishes from children was fulfilled and the 3 Santa’s showed a good example for both children and grownups, that friendship cross borders is possible! We plan to do all this next year. Some video on this links from our partner TV21:



The movie “My Beloved”, about Jan Henry T. Olsen and his wife Laila Lanes early struggle with his Alzheimer disease, is among the norwegian films that is going to be shown in the film festival Eurodok this year (16. – 20. Mars).

Jabfilm at MIPDOC and MIPTV 2010

Jabfilm participated at the worlds largest market for buying and selling TV and new media formats in April. We attended seminars and roundtable discussions where we learned alot, but most importantly we screened and had talks with distributors about our new films. Jabfilm also presented our new projects in development and got useful feedback.