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My Beloved
Documentary. NRK Co-Production. 2010.

Director: Hilde Korsæth
Producer: John Arvid Berger

Love is a powerfull driving force who shakes us when it grabs a hold, and even more so when it hits us in a mature age. Serious diseases can strike just as forcefully and as suddenly as love, and is tough on all involved especially when it occurs early in a lifespan.

My Beloved tells the story of how these to lines cross in a relationship. The line between past, present and future is erased when a 51 year old man gets diagnosed with alzheimer. There are no clear paths in this terrain. Filmmaker Hilde Korsæth has followed Jan Henry T. Olsen and his wife Laila Lanes through a tough year, from october 2008 til october 2009.


Vindenes hus (House of Winds)
58m documentary. NFI distribution. NRK co-production 2009.

Director: Magnar Mikkelsen
Editor: Rachel Andersen
Composer: Kolbjørn Lyslo
Producer: John Arvid Berger

Being a professional writer my whole life, I put my keyboard aside and bought a video camera. For years I recorded everyday life in my native village of only 30 inhabitants. The outcome was a personal documentary, addressed to my granddaughter: ‘Dear Tora! This film is a gift to you, a grandfathers gift, a life gift …’

Our Location: A village near North Cape, far beyond the Arctic Circle.
Our heritage: We belong to the minority of coastal sami, with lines dating back to the first settlers in northern Scandinavia.
The Past, the Present: ‘The day today is passing and nearly over. Only the past is permanent and present.’
Our future: In the village, our average age is 62 years.
The film: ‘Tora, with the camera I would like to take you into the richness of a landscape which seems so desolate. I would like to give you my pictures from our ordinary life.’


Kampen om Barents (The Hot Cold Barents)
54 min. documentary. NNFS/NFI/ distribution, NRK 2008 co.production

Directed by: Anders Sætjer

Fra å være et hav for barske fiskere, eventyrere og militære aktiviteter, er Barentshavet i ferd med å bli et hav av muligheter. Store olje- og gassressurser lokker oljeselskapene både på russisk og norsk side, og fiskeriene blir mer og mer viktige. Vi står foran et storpolitisk spill om framtiden til Barentshavet, hvor miljø står mot ressursutnytting. Kampen om Barentshavet handler om diplomati, internasjonal havrett og kanskje rå makt, en spennende styrkeprøve hvor det kan synes som om David står mot Goliat.


Iskaldt (Dead Cold)
40 min. drama. NNFS/NFI/ distribution, TIFF 2008.

Written and directed by: Erik Smith Meyer
Cast: Jørgen Langhelle, Tommy Svendsen, Ingrid Stensen, Margrete Bye Åsali, Matilde Rossvoll, Marit Østbye, Sigmund Sæverud, Martin L. Lotherington

Director of Photography: Bård Grape
Sound: Rune Hansen
Music: Tore Nedgård

The year is 2020. The gulf stream is gone and the northern areas are frozen. Erik travels towards the north to help his family in Finmark, Norways northernmost region. It turns out to be a journey not only through a destroyed civilization, but also a journey from a cold soul to a warm heart.

Dead Cold is the worlds first enviromentaly friendly film production.


Fyret (Leaving the light house)
Short film drama, 35mm. Prize winner. international festivals, NNFS/NFI distribution 2005

Written, Directed and Edited by:Erik Smith Meyer
Cast: Frank Håkonsen and Runar Clausen
Director of Photography: Bård Grape
Music: Tore Nedgård
Producer: John Arvid Berger

All Norwegian lighthouses are automated, and the old lighthouse keepers will soon be a thing of the past. In this freely artistic treatment of this theme, we meet the lighthouse keeper as a memory, while electronic systems take his place.


Ruter 8 (8 of Diamonds)
Short film drama. 9 min. National festivals, own distribution, TIFF 2008

Written and directed by: Martin Loïc Lotherington
Director of Photography: Trond Tønder
Editor: Ida Helene Kolstø
Sound: Carl Svensson
Producer: John Arvid Berger

Locked up in himself, Joachim Rafaelsen is trying to get out.


Fra sør i nord (From south in the north)
25 min doc. educational, about international students life in Tromsø, 2005

Director: John Arvid Berger
Idea / concept / project leader: Ane-Marie Hektoen
Photographer: Ingrid Stensen
Music: Henrik Littauer

In the autumn of 2004 there were approximatly 600 international students at the university of Tromsø. In this photo documentary we meet some of them. The photo documentary focuses on the student’s daily life at the university, and some experiences in Tromsø.


A Good Start – Welcome week
25 min doc. educational, about new international students arriving Tromsø, 2005

Director: Trine Lise Nedrass
Conception: Ane Marie Hektoen
Music: Henrik Littauer
Producer: John Arvid Berger

To welcome students from all over the world is a challenge, but more than anything, it is rewarding and exciting. Norwegian universities are being internationalised by receiving more foreign students every year. The films follows some students through the University of Tromsø’s introductionary programme for foreign students during the autumn term of 2001.


Psykose i familien (Psychoses within the family)
3 x 30 min. informative to families, for educational use only, 2005

Three films that take the whole family through the steps of recovery from psychosis.

The first film “The illness develops” shows us signs of psychosis and how the consequences can be for the family who often has feelings of loss and isolation. They will learn ways to learn acceptance and how to cope with this illness.

“Treatment in a medical ward”, the second film, focuses on the feelings and expectations of going to a ward. It sheds light on principles of treatment and the co-operation with family.

The third film, “The Road Onward”, tells the story of a young boy and his parents who faced they’re sons illness. Here we learn about they’re worries, experiences and wishes for the future. The themes are rehabilitation, co-operation, “to be like everyone else” and openess.

The films were made as a part of the project “Pårørende Informasjon i Troms & Finnmark”. The films is distributed by Psykiatrisk Forsknings- og utviklingsenter – Universistetssykehuset i Nord Norge HF, tlf. 77627812


Den Frosne Smeltedigel (The frozen meltingpot)
24 min. doc. educational film.

Directed by: Ingeborg Solvang

A documentary film about foreign labourers and their contributions to the Norwegian fishing industry from World War II and up to the present. Who were they, why did they come here and how were they accepted?

See and hear their own stories.


Arbeid er alt de har (All they got is the work)
26 min doc. about foreigners working in Norway’s fish industry, NRK 2005 co.prod.

Egen NRK versjon av filmen “Den Frosne Smeltedigel”. Sendt i sendeflate NRK-Faktor samtidsdoku samme år.

Kurder-ekteparet Dindar og Zehra er viktig arbeidskraft i norsk fiskeindustri. De og mange andre utlendinger har vært det i flere år. De holder liv i mange kystsamfunn, men lever likevel i stor usikkerhet. Dindar og Zehra får ikke oppholdstillatelse for seg og sin norskfødte datter.


Drømmer om en bedre by (Dreaming off a Better city)
30 min. doc. Info. film.

Producer/Director: John Arvid Berger
Writer: Kjersti Kollbotn
Editor: Erik  Smith Meyer

This documentary follows the planning of a new district in Tromsø city called Strandkanten. All the way from the first meetings in 1998 to the erection of the buildings in 2003. Strandkanten aims to be a national display of how city planning should be executed – through a strong vision and close co-operation between all those involved. The viewer will get a peak at processes that concerns us all and actually decides the quality of our living enviroments. What happens when plans change? Why are there delays? Does iniative and vision diminish in the long development process that these kinds of project has?


Ishavsfolk (Arctic Sailors)
10 episodes a 26 min, documentary/portraits, local TV

Producer/Director: John Arvid Berger
Interviews/research: Jens Harald Eilertsen

The real stories from day to day life on the artic seas.

A co-operation with the Polarmuseum in Tromsø. Through portrait interviews with old sailors we get an intimate look at their life and the life of others. From these stories emerges knowledge about our heritage and about both local and national history.



28 min documentary, NRK TV



10 episodes á 24 min, documentary/portraits, local TV


Byen rundt sola (Once around the sun)

short film-timelapse national cinema. Opening film TIFF 1996

Director: John Arvid Berger

Ved hjelp av enkelteksponeringer og filmkamera (timelapse) blir et helt år komprimert ned til 3 minutter.


Skrift i sand (Written in the sand)

1992, short film drama. NNFS distribution