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WRAPPING UP 2014 !!!

Looking back at 2014, it was a great year in many ways. Jabfilm did 3 nordic co productions that all have premiered and just about started distribution in 2014. This was:

I STOP TIME/JAG STANNAR TIDEN directed by Gunilla Bresky in co. production with BOB film Sweden The film got several prizes, like the   FICC/ Don Quijote prize at TIFF 2014. It will be screened at NRK and in cinemas in Norway 2015, in adittion to international screenings.

MONSTERMAN directed by Antti Haase in co.production with Illume films in Finland, it premiered in Finland in the fall 2014, Norwegian distribution are not clear yet.

SUMÉ the sound of a revolution, The sucessfull and prize winning doc  about the rock band SUMÉ that became so important to the Greenland people in the 70′s The film takes the story and questions nicely into today, well done by director Inuk Silis Høegh og creative producer Emile Hertling Péronard. SUMÉ will be screened at NRK and hopefully more screens in norway 2015

In adittion we started some new very promising co productions, and finaly but not least, we did put a hard focus on our own creative documentarien in production: ARTIC MUSLIM directed by Karl Emil Rikardsen, and CHESS BRAINS directed by Trond Brede Andersen. We still develop and hope to produce in 2015 the story about the jewish people that used to live in Tromsø WHEN THE TOWN WENT QUIET / DA BYEN BLE STILLE

Did I forget anything? Yes Jabfilm also did a few service productions, helping companys from other places to shoot in the northern regions and Tromsø. We also did a few info films for our dear clients.

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