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“Letter from a year in Norway”

Medvind Media AS with co. Producer John Arvid Berger from Jabfilm, just did a very successful promo of their TV series “letter from a year in Norway” in Murmansk. The TV series is a Russian 12×15 min version of the Norwegian TV success “Sjøsprøyt” that was aired at NRK1 late 2010. This kind of media cooperation with Russia is quite unique and seems like a break through that gives possibilities for even more to come. This promo event was made as a meeting of the Nisse from Norway, father frost from Russia and even a Sami Santa was there. This Santa story was then made as a mini TV series to promote the cooperation and the premiere of “letter from a year in Norway”. The Event was a big press conference with entertaining artists from both countries, and a big public event in the center of Murmansk the next day. Wishes from children was fulfilled and the 3 Santa’s showed a good example for both children and grownups, that friendship cross borders is possible! We plan to do all this next year. Some video on this links from our partner TV21:


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