! Jabfilm


A production company for Film, TV and Multimedia.


CEO and producer John Arvid Berger has a broad experience within film and TV production since late 80′s. The company Jabfilm was established in Tromsø, Norway in 1995. The company are run by the producer in a well developed network of freelancers, directors and other resources. We believe our strength as a company lies within our foundation in traditional filmmaking and how good content and stories are communicated through image and sound. This in combination with a clear vision of working with modern formats and technology. Production and co.production of creative documentaries for national and international markets is our main activity. We are also experienced with fiction films and have many good references within info films and educational concepts. We wish to work with projects that got social value, with consciousness and the ethics in place.Still never forget to engage, entertain and always keep the viewers experience in the first place!

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